“…. Up on this rock I will build my church.” Matthew 16:18

Welcome to the World Bible School
Welcome to the World Bible School where God is exalted, service provided to humanity and soul saving word preached in love. A sharing Church A working Church A praying Church 4 Christians began to worship and work in 1985 in a schoolhouse. Now grown to 40,000. The Plans used are unique and proven effective. You are invited prayerfully to participate in the following services. World Bible School was started over 22 years ago when a young evangelist, Paul Renganathan, took to the streets to give the good news of Jesus Christ to all who would listen....... Read


The Bible College has up to 100 students a year attending a 3-year degree course and five years post graduate programme. When the students have completed the course .... Read


The Faith Hospital seeks to deliver complete care for the body and the soul by giving free check ups, medication and advice to the poor, plus the opportunity to pray with ........ Read



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