Wellness & Beauty Skill India Organization
Beauty and wellness sector is one of the renowned organisation that provides its pupils the upliftment and the opportunity to learn skills with international norms. We follow the international learning standards and related protocols. Our goal is to provide the hype to the students. We help you to recognise yourself at international level. We impart training in distinct categories as – Beauty therapy, Hair dressing, Beauty salon, Spa, manufacturing of beauty products and other beauty learning  activities. We have our own Training institutes. The main aim of our organisation is to provide the awareness and resources to the interested ones. We aware the learners the ways to get government funds and train them the clinical techniques to fight with COVID-19 in this pandemic situation. We design our programme as per International norms . We inspire our pupils and prepare them for a successful career. We will provide you the wings and an open sky to design your dreams.

Follow Your Dreams towards reality of success! We will welcome the passionate Talent in the Beauty industry and we will support you to achieve success and get recognition at International standards. Join yourself  with B&W sector to add your name with us or to get Fame in the Beauty domain.
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Our Motto

“Our motto is to unite We understand very well how important it is to be together. How much important is to stand for each other. We all realized the importance of association & brotherhood.”

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We stand for each other. In case of any query, feedback or suggestion contact us on the number.

Our Goal

The Organization chaired by Mr. Sukhdev Singh aims to establish an effective and efficient eco-system for development and imparting skills in the Beauty and Wellness industry including content & curriculum, courses, information databases, delivery systems, standardization of the accreditation and certification process to enhance employability of the Indian workforce globally.

Creating A great Eco system for makeup and beauty industry.

To impart skills, learn from each other and with each other.

To establish curriculum & courses for individual development

To maintain database and record. Better data, better solutions.

Standardisation and accreditation to ensure great quality services.

certification process to enhance employment for the artists globally.

Our Team
Sukhdev Kumar

 Chairman & Managing Director 

Ravinder Birdi

 Director (Finance) 

Maninder Singh

 Director (Planning and Marketing) 

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